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The Gary Shelf

The Gary Shelf

Once upon a time there was a beautiful fluffy white chicken named Gary. Gary was a special chicken you see because she was a Silkie which made her the cutest hen in the hen-house.


But Gary was very sad. Since she was a Silkie she was also much smaller than the other hens in her flock.


Each night she cried and meeped as the other hens flew up high above to their roosting bars to nestle in comfortably for a cozy night’s sleep, leaving her all alone to huddle in the corner of the hen-house on the floor.

All the other chickens pooped all over Gary while they slept making Gary even sadder. One day Gary’s friend The Guy with the Food decided to help her out. He used many magical things that made loud noises and harnessed the powers of compressed  air and electricity to create something for Gary that would be easy for her to reach, and would insure that she’d always have her very own cozy place to sleep at night.


Gary was delighted with the wonderful gift that The Guy with the Food had given her, and she strutted around and peeped with happiness, knowing she would never be pooped on again.


So if you find yourself with a “special needs” chicken, don’t despair. Just make yourself a Gary Shelf!

Author's Note:  Gary sometimes uses the shelf and other times uses it as a launch pad to reach the higher roosts with the other birds.  She seems to like it though! Also, for those of you who are confused, Gary is a hen.  Named after Gary Busey.  We sometimes refer to "her" as a "him", but "she" is definitely a "she".

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