Winter Storm SNOW LOAD! Our Trailer Roof is COLLAPSING!

Winter Storm Diego dropped 2 feet of snow in about 16 hours on our little off grid camp trailer. The roof is not built to handle the snow load and a beam is collapsing.

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  1. Just found your channel on You-tube. I am just finishing up with your q&a on How you make money also saw your solar which I would like to know more of. I Live in Florida and have some property 5ac I have been wanting to develop for off grid. Will be following you more in future.

    Finally I heard the question about your children. I agree with you. I raised four and only one went to public school. I do not know if you are homeschooling but my wife did. Homesteading away from the control of corps and govt is the best way to live free and happy. Best to you both and your children.

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