WHY Are We On YouTube?

As part of a collaboration called “Why We Do What We Do”, we were asked to do a video answering some questions about our YouTube channel. Find out what we have to say as we tour part of our property we haven’t shown in previous videos.

Life In Farmland: https://youtu.be/RK4-r8mncFE

Why We Do What We Do:
1.) Why did you start your youtube channel?
2.) Name two of the videos you have produced that you are most proud of.
3.)What subject or topics do you plan to create videos on in the upcoming weeks?
4.)Tell us something random about yourself that has not been discussed in a previous video.
5.) What are your goals for your YouTube channel?

Yankee Liv’n: https://goo.gl/aiECJ5
Cynthia Fuller: https://goo.gl/m7SCv8
The Forever Homestead: https://goo.gl/3xHkVF
ZiegenVine Homestead: https://goo.gl/Fh5661

Dills Atlantic Pumpkin Growing: https://youtu.be/PnSVYHBt6A8
Canning 101 Start Here: https://youtu.be/jU0CzxBnKoY
Chicken Starter Guide: https://youtu.be/RP4Eb_0hMOs
30 Random Facts About Us: https://youtu.be/EmZAiyxVYIY


  1. One life.
    Live the dream

  2. ‘Raisins’. Lol. We call that ‘Chapstick’. Unfortunately, our dog can’t get enough of that. 😜

  3. Yes, I love all of your You Tubes, so Keep up the good works.
    Positive Feed Back

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