When Things Go Wrong with Chickens

Sometimes things can go wrong with chickens. We share some of our chicken failures including a maimed chick that has to be culled, bugs in chicken feed, a broody hen that doesn’t want to be broken.

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  1. Hi. Just found your video about Temmie’s broodiness. I see it’s been a while since you posted, but I’ll put two cents in… I’ve broken a couple of my hens by using a similar, but wire bottomed cage – it allows air to flow and cool her underside. Patience. At least one day in the cage for every two to three days of previous broodiness, including nighttime. And no, she won’t like it. I keep her (caged) with her flock, outside in the day, in the coop at night. It took six days once. That’s a lot of hauling a cage back and forth, but if you let her out too soon…right back into the nest she goes! After some time, I let her out in the evening to test if she’ll roost with her friends. If not, back in the cage the next morning. It takes a while for the body temp to normalize.

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