What Do We Really Think About Life Off Grid? (1 Year Later)

It’s been almost 1 year since we moved to our off grid homestead. Have the rose colored glasses finally come off? Do we still love it here? We each give our thoughts and perspectives of living off-grid in the foothills of Appalachia.

Guildbrook Farm Tees: http://geni.us/WBEYTm
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Why Are We Off Grid? Our Reasons For Off-Grid Living: https://youtu.be/Kr2pfJLR9Ag

Is It Cheaper Off-Grid? Our First 5 Months Living Off The Grid: https://youtu.be/aBU4K63t5RY

How We Found Our Off Grid Homestead Property: https://youtu.be/ef6o69i43PA

How We Built Our DIY Off Grid Solar System: https://goo.gl/8SQ4eu


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  1. Place the bunk beds in an “L” formation At floor level..

    Back when you did the home tour, I got a memory of sharing a room with bunks in a trailer with my cousin a few summers. I meant to suggest this for the girls back then. Surely you get too much advice, sorry, let me pile on. I’m hearing they have issues we had too. Placing the bunks as an “L” in that small room worked better than stacked beds for us girls. Raising the beds a few inches off the ground for storage—Needed enough clearance to place my suitcase under the bed.
    It seemed counterintuitive,but, it was a lot more accommodating.
    *not having to manage a ladder for the top bunker.
    *being able to just sit up for the bottom bunker.
    *having ground level temperature.
    *the best was SITTING UP! to read. Without cramping your back.
    We got the idea from a library book. We tried That bedroom arrangement with the resolution that if we both didn’t agree it was an improvement we’d put things back. Well, we didn’t restack the bunks. It was better.

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