Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage

Mylar bags are used for long term food storage. We tell you how and why we use mylar bags in our prepper pantry. We also cover the different types of mylar bags, what to store and what not to store in mylar bags, and what supplies you will need to get started.

Storage Life of Dry Foods:
Oxygen Absorbers Recommended Amounts:
Oxygen Absorbers at US Emergency Supply:
Mylar Bags at US Emergency Supply:


  1. I was watching one of your videos where you and hubby were talking about goat milk. It is great if you don’t pasteurize it. I used to make yogurt from raw goat milk I got from a farm and A tablespoon of dannon plain yogurt as starter. Goat milk is sweet so you don’t need any sugar or sweetener with anything you make from it. When you milk the goat, use a stainless steel bowl sitting in ice. Yup, you heard right float the bowl in ice water. Make sure everything is sterile. Makes good ice cream. Throw in some fresh fruit and stevia. Goats are freshened by mating which usually produces a couple of baby goats to start the lactating. So what happens to the baby goats? That’s what you may want to research more and the reason I got mine from someone else. Since those days I have stopped milk all together and don’t miss it.

    Keep up the good work,
    Ben in Chattanooga

    • Jaime

      January 16, 2017 at 12:40 pm

      Thanks Ben – we are looking forward to trying the milk and seeing if the milk and goats will be a good option for us

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