Unboxing Our 25-Ton DIRTY HAND TOOLS Log Splitter

We bought a 25-Ton Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter to help us cut firewood for our wood stove. We unbox the splitter and test it for the first time.

Our Off Grid Tiny House Hunting Camp: https://youtu.be/j6Ozr1XvtGM
Stacking Firewood Before the Rain: https://youtu.be/ZOnitp5MeHE



  1. I was searching on you tube for small cabin living. Came across your chanel. I’ve been wanting to say Hi ! So High! You guys have an awesome chanel. I’m into all the articles and I’m going to learn all I can on Archery, and all the other interesting thing you have! I raised my daughter by myself and I’m very proud of her, she’ll be 23 in july. Her mother signed her over to me when she was 2 years old, some women just don’t have motherly instincts.Well I have 3 acres and Its paid for.I’ve been researching for 23 years(well some of the time)My daughter has turned out to be a great girl! I wouldn’t have done anything different. Well mabe 1 or 2 things. I’m still single though and still looking! Anyway I’m going to start my adventure, I’ve got 2 solar panels and will be getting a lot more.I’m going to build me a small house. My trade is carpenter.You name it I’ve probably built it,anything from a barn to condos built houses and my dad’s a contractor I come from a line of contractors so to speak.Well anyway It might take a while but I’ll have my small home or cabin hopefully before I turn 60. I’m 54 now and it does take some planning. I should have started many years ago.But life happens and you do what you have to.Now its my turn! But any way I’m new to your chanel but always looking forward to check on new videos. Here in southwest Va got to have permits for just about everything,but I’m rambling on now but wanted to let you know You’ve got a great channel, looking forward to just watching your videos. Keep em coming…………

  2. Hi all

    That is one beast of a machine 🙂

    Andy, Shropshire, England

  3. Sweet splitter!

  4. Like the wood spliter. Good investment.remember find the water source for house .

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