Training Pigs To An ELECTRIC FENCE

We are training our KuneKune pigs to electric HogNet from Premier 1 Supplies. We show you how we set the electric fence, how to set up the Intellishock 60 solar energizer, and how the pigs react to the electric netting. This will help us effectively pasture rotate our hogs and provide predator protection.

Premier 1 Poultry Netting:
Premier 1 Hog Fencing:
Premier 1 Intellishock 60 Solar Energizer:

Removing Dangerous DUAL Widow Makers:
So…We Added KUNEKUNE PIGS To Our Homestead:
Raising Chickens, Ducks, and Geese Playlist:


  1. Please pass along that any netting style electric fence is rendered useless in the snow. I almost made a very expensive mistake.

    • Jaime

      March 4, 2018 at 10:01 pm

      Very true. Ice also. We don’t get too much of it here but when we do, the fence isn’t effective unless cleaned off and a path cleared for the fence.

  2. We moved back to Pine Glen Park….from Arizona… started a homestead and love it…. I love all animals….have a horse…8cows….5goats… chickens… ducks geese…did have pigs but butchered them…want to get more but it’s awesome…just came across your videos on you tube…

  3. Tamworth pig x wild boar ( Stone age pork ) Best pork you will ever taste

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