The Dirt: Can a Reluctant Spouse Learn To Like Homesteading?

Do you have a spouse that is reluctant about homesteading? Or maybe you are the spouse that is hesitant? In this episode of The Dirt, we talk about our perspective and experiences over the last 4 years of both backyard farming and off grid living and how that affects the reluctant spouse.

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  1. Great deep down honest and true video. Thank you so much for your candor and honesty. Never give up. You get can do this. Hang tough. You’ve got this.

  2. Really enjoyed this video! Randy and I watched it together this morning before heading out to get some work done on our property! We never would have guessed that Jeremy was a reluctant homesteader! He comes across as very natural and “into” what he is working on. Given the challenges you had over the winter – I think I would have been super frustrated. Best wishes for a super comfortable winter this year!!!

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