So…We Added KUNEKUNE PIGS To Our Homestead

An opportunity came up to raise some kunekune pigs. We don’t have a barn, fencing or pasture and our priority is building a house; but this could be a chance to learn about raising pigs. What would you do?

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Honda EU2000I Generator:
Little Mountain Ranch Pig Farrowing:
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  1. I am watching your video on the passive solar heating at the moment, so will watch this when I am finished, so you might answer my question in that video, but just in case, where did you get your kunekune pigs? I definitely want a couple! My grandpa raised feeder pigs, and they are so hard on the ground, and way too large for me to manage on my own.

  2. Hi. My name is Gary Fredericks and I live in Montana. My wife of 40 years and I began watching your videos on YouTube recently. We gave up on the regular television channels quite a while ago and have been streaming for a few years now. Content like yours is real and enjoyable to us. We both grew up in an area where independence and self reliance is expected and encouraged so watching as you work towards your goals is the kind of “reality” tv that we can share with our grand children. We have gone back and watched a number of videos from the past in order to learn about you. You are doing a great job! Will subscribe!

  3. Is a good thing that you are establishing a food source before the house build. Ya got to eat. Regarding the garden and starting it later; is just me but I get hungry for fresh vegetables. I would have to start a small kitchen garden just for fresh eating with no preserving plans for now. Any extra or damaged produce could be fed to the chickens and pigs. Is a win win.

  4. Glad you went for it! They are cute. Keep us up to speed on raising pigs.

  5. I wouldn’t get pigs until you at least have a way to pen them. Anything can happen and if you find one gets sick, etc… you’ll want to keep it from the others. Also, we are animal stewards first. You may not mind not having a place, but the animals don’t have a say and people need to be mindful of their needs.

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