Scavenging for a Goat Shelter

Wood is expensive but we need a shelter for the goats! Come along as we scavenge for free wood to build our goat house.

Pallet Deconstruction Tools:
DeWalt DW310K Reciprocating Saw:
DeWalt DW4802 Bi-Metal Saw Blade:
Roughneck 24″ Gorilla Bar:
Irwin Quick-Grip Clamp Set:

How to Tell if Pallets are Safe?

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  1. Jaime: I was wondering if your county has a fair…if so, you can check with your local Home Extension office and find out all about entering your canned goods. Usually, the fair is in the fall. I used to enter my canned goods and one of the prizes was 2 dz. Ball Jars and Ball Canning Book and I won. I also won 2 dz. jars from Kerr. The best part is going and checking how many blue, red, and white ribbons you win. You also win money(it depends on the color of ribbons). Your canned goods looks great. You should win a lot of ribbons.
    I am crippled now and in a wheelchair so those days for me are gone. I’m older than dirt, but still young at heart.LOL
    I love the show. You both are really great and so informative. I will subscibe and give the show a thumbs up.
    Have a blessed day. J.P.

    • Jaime

      April 5, 2017 at 6:58 pm

      Aww thank you Julia! The thing is that I don’t can things “pretty”. There are a lot of canners who painstakingly make their jams look beautiful with perfect measurements and color. Me, I just try to get it in the jar lol!

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