Pressure Canning ROAST BEEF…and Other Meat

We show you step-by-step HOW TO PRESSURE CAN ROAST BEEF as well as other meat such as venison and bear using the All American 921 Pressure Canner. Canned meats are an excellent addition to a long term food pantry and taste absolutely amazing!

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  1. Hi Jamie…Just ordered the same canner. You answered most of my questions but one…Once your up to pressure and doing the 75 or 90 minute time…it looked like the weight was jiggling constantly and from everything I read read it should only jiggle 1-4 times a minute. What say you ?? Thanks…

  2. I have canned on my 3 burner Camp Chef for about 5 years now. I will say because of the big burners, they do get hotter and will warp your Revere Ware pans and even a cast iron skillet. My husband got 3- 1/4” steel plates which I have on top of the burners. This distributes the heat and has worked great ! I have an All American and didn’t want to ruin it. (Not that it would have). I truly believe they just say not to can on it (to save their honey).

    • Jaime

      February 17, 2018 at 7:51 pm

      A couple people said they used the plates on the burners. The AA canners are pretty solid and no issues with using them on the burner so far, but probably not a bad idea to have the plates.

  3. Great instructional. I have been canning roasts for years and have done it both ways. Pros and Cons to each. The raw pack method is definitely easier and creates a delicious product. But the jars are a pain to clean and are not as appealing to look at.. The hot pack method is also delicious and tender and leaves you with a prettier jar to look at. It is much easier to clean than with raw pack. That being said, I do use the raw pack method more often if I have a large quantity of roasts to can.

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