Our Rights: Grow Food vs Property Value

Should people have the right to grow their own food? What happens when that right interferes with other’s right to maintain property value? Who is right?

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  1. This homestead movement started in the late sixty thru the seventies. It was called the Back to the Land movement. You are abolutely correct in your evaluation of the direction our society has taken. This has been going on since World War Ii. It was rejected by a segment of the baby boomers. I was raise on a farm so I havd an advantage many did not. My journy started in the early seventies with an Organic farm. My wife joined me in the late seventies and we have lived the homestead life since then. I have held a full time job and farmed for more than forty years. Our present land in Nortwest Oregon, that we have lived on for over thirty years, It is now bought and paid for. Thirty years of mortgage. We were considered and still are by some NUTS. Only in the last five to ten years have people started to awaken to the realities of what is happening. That it is important what you eat. That our freedoms are being eroded. That the idea our food is being transported thousands of miles and can be faken away in an instance with an event like katrina. We are left vulnerable by beiing lured into dependency of a unsustainable system. People have become dependent on the infrastructure created by our system. High density urban living, the European Model, keeps people from independence and as such are dependent on the infrastructure. This would sem to be about me, me ,me, but I want it to ne an encouragement. It is a life long commitment and journey. So rewarding you cannot even imagine. You have just begun this incredible adventure. This movement is exploding and the advances and walls that have come down in the last ten years is encouraging. There is a lifetime of struggles and rewards ahead of you, perseverance is the key. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is reassuring to know that there is another generation to carry on.

    • Jaime

      August 7, 2017 at 1:56 pm

      Thanks for posting Tedd. We hope more catch on and are “awakened” as to what is really going on and start to realize the part they need to play to change it.

  2. First off, you should continue with your goal of sustainable independence.
    Secondly realize that for now beautiful and feelings are what is the society norm. and the government protects that norm for now.. That may work when things are business as usual, but let something like Katrina happen and they will quickly learn that there is limited to no gov’t assistance to come to their rescue. Then they will wish they had been better prepared.
    Unfortunately you are not the first homesteader to come in conflict with the homesteader vs pretty property people and for now likely will not be the last. For now the majority has spoken and has the law behind them.
    Remember times do change someday you will be really thankful that you have gone the homesteader self sustainable route. Best wishes on your success in finding an appropriate new homestead.

  3. I admire you and your family’s passion for independence and holistic life on the homestead. This is something that myself and friends are also pursuing. I think there is a groundswell of consciousness about this as we look at the ills of contemporary mainstream society and the relatively unchanged basic nature of city based hierarchical societies throughout written history.
    As you are doing, people everywhere are starting to think about alternative social and living arrangements that prevent technocratic dehumanization but rather promote fundamental health of body, soul, and spirit. We should study the history of ‘rights’ and try to understand :
    * The source of natural rights and the difference from civil or legal rights.
    * How to fulfill the requisites for those natural rights.
    * How to be content with the natural balance of responsibilities and rights.
    * Forego yielding individual responsibilities and rights to benefactors to do the dirty work we that we shun.
    * Forego demanding ‘our’ rights from benefactors and neighbours.
    * Live as honestly we can in loving and circumspect awareness of nature, ourselves, others.
    It will be effort well spent to associate and communicate with like minded others to find ways of collaborating and supporting one another in the pursuit of these goals for awareness, holistic living, and community.

  4. More often, than not, people can’t afford to move. Odds are, if you are homesteading it is because you are trying to make ends meet. I know you aren’t under a HOA, but the HOA concept has always been a sick joke to me. People agree to pay to be told what they can and can’t do on their own property. What genius! All in an effort to keep out the undesirables. The number of people able to live that lifestyle is shrinking with every passing day. Yet, money rules. Let’s take a national vote to see what the majority believes. If majority rules, let it rule. Email: [email protected] My brother is Thom Tillis, US Senator for NC. Another brother is Rick Tillis, State Representative 92nd district in TN. I live, on a farm, in Waycross, GA. I am the eldest of six. Thom is the eldest son. Just a little trivia. I am not easy to impress and I don’t value one person over another. I rarely tell people of what my brothers do. You never know how that will go anyway, HA. All according to your audience. So just wanted to encourage you on your endeavors. I have shared this video on my Facebook, tagging both brothers. I’m waiting for a response from them.

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