Our Prepper MEDICAL Supplies and First Aid

Find out what is in our prepper medical supplies. We explain what we are prepping for, what our medical approach is, show you our medical kits, and we tell you what we are looking to add to our medical supplies.

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GRM First Aid Kit (130 Pieces): http://amzn.to/2uGUN3w
Coupon Code for 30% off: NWAONOO5

1) No purchase necessary
2) Void where prohibited
3) Be a subscriber to Guildbrook Farm
4) Must be a resident of the 48 contiguous US
5) Leave a comment below that includes #GRMKIT
*Winner will be announced Saturday August 12, 2017

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For more info on ioSAT and other KI tablets: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/emergencypreparedness/bioterrorismanddrugpreparedness/ucm072265.htm

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  1. I do enjoy watching your family learn and share your experiences along your homesteading path. I too am into my homeopathy supplies. I use cheap tackle boxes to keep mine in. Would love to hear how others keep theirs. First aid is something I need to focus more on. #GRMKIT

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