Our OFF GRID Tiny House Hunting Camp

There are many housing options when moving to raw land: a yurt, an RV, a trailer or a cabin. We found a property with a 600 sq ft trailer, that we call the camp. It that came with everything to suit our basic needs. We give you a tour of our camp and explain how we downsized to tiny house living.


  1. So glad you got the Berkey Water system. I had mentioned it previously but you were worried about the cost (which I understand). We bought it for us and all four of our daughters’ families. We are not off grid, but you never know when you might be without water (SHTF, storms, etc) and Brita won’t cut it to keep you safe. Berkey is your best chance, are easy to maintain and do a great job. So glad you and your family are finally able to realize your dream. I’d love to be doing the same thing here in Texas; but, I’m a bit older than you are (4 grown daughters and 10 grandkids) so I would be concerned about the stamina to be able to live/build on raw land. Your channel is a great way for me to “feel the experience” and I’ll be following you as you build your dream!

    • Jaime

      December 17, 2017 at 6:30 pm

      The cost was too expensive as a “just in case” prepping item in our previous house; but now that we are off grid, it is necessary for daily potable water.

  2. Hi Jamie
    I will follow your new life with the greatest interest. My husband and I bought 154 acres in rural Australia earlier this year which we plan to retire to in 2 years time. It is ‘raw land’ and we also plan to live off grid as there are no amenities. We have started clearing and planning and will build our house just before moving out to the property permanently at the end of 2019. Good luck with it all!

  3. And for showers… we have a 15 gal. Keg barrel with the top cut out. I heat water up on the wood cook stove and fill the tank and we have an rv water pump. Works great. Although we have a well, we don’t have it plumbed to the house. We have 5- 55 gal. Barrels on the porch we fill and then carry that in the house for use.

  4. You are uptown! Lol. We built a 30’ x 60’ Shop. Built a loft in part of the upper. 24’ x 30’. (720 sq ft). No current bush. The electric company wanted $10,000 to run a short line to us. And then it wasn’t ours, it belonged to them and they got an easement on our property. No way! We dug our own well. We have generators, and batteries and LED lights. Most of our lighting is Milwaukee lanterns and flood lights with rechargeable batterie. A lot of our power tools are Also Milwaukee rechargeables. Our internet is Verizon Hotspot. Recharges when we start the generator. All our Milwaukee batteries also charge when generator is running. Propane stove and propane Camp Chef 3 burner. Propane refrigerator ( not fond of the brand) Would like to get a solar fridge.. Wood cook stove and Earth Stove (princess Model). We have an outhouse…. we installed a $3000 Composting Toilet from Canada which we cannot say enough BAD things about. HATE IT!! So for now, I use a chamber pot at nights. I have a Wringer washer. I love it but my husband says the Wringer is TOO aggressive. I don’t think so. I hang all the clothes out. Winter, they are hung inside. We started going to the laundromat as I can get all of it done in 30 minutes. I do love the way of life and not have to give half of our money to the utility companies. I have enjoyed your blogs and wish you guys the best.

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