OFF GRID Winter Water WOES (Part 2)

A Bomb Cyclone is on it’s way and that is bad news for our already frozen pipes. We show you what we are doing for water and we attempt to find a solution to our frozen water pipes.

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  1. I”m assuming you are in the Georgia area given the vegetation type.
    I live in Nova Scotia were we can have -30F on occasion.
    An idea came to mind when I saw your youtube video. The pressure tank could be placed inside the well crock with a waterproof switch. The warmth of the ground water will keep everything from freezing , adding insulation around the out side and top would provide added protection.
    As for the piping and how much you wish to spend. Digging down 3 feet in your area would ensure the pipes would never freeze. Otherwise placing 2 inch 20 psi closed cell foam over the piping with enough depth of soil to protection against damage would give a similar result.
    As you said most likely the pipes are frozen under the building. My thought on this is to create a vertical insulated column where the pipes come out of the ground and enter the building. If you have termites then use 1/2″ cement board to create a square column. The I think I would make it at least large enough to work a tool around the pipes if it was required. I’m guessing 2 foot square and dig this into the ground at least a foot deep. Of course insulate with 20 psi foam board and use expanding foam in a can to seal all air leaks. A small cold air leak blowing on pipes will freeze the water even if in a warm spot, we see this often. The concrete board can be fastened at the corners using drywall metal corner bead and drywall screws. its best to use an electric driver or driller otherwise it would be very frustrating to get the screws in place. The drywall bead could be placed on the inside and outside of each corner with screws every three inches.
    I have been working with energy and energy movement for many years and am an alternative energy contractor. We have just moved into our new/old home built in 1862 which we completed gutted and renovated. We will be off grid capable this year after we install the solar hot water, hot air and PV systems.

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