Off-Grid Homestead UPDATES and GIVEAWAYS!!!

So what happened over Christmas break? How are the SimpliPhi batteries holding up in the cold? Do you have any issues with your pressure tank freezing? What is the next step in your off-grid house build? There is a Christmas bunny and giveaways involved!

Jaime’s Giveaway:
Little Mountain Ranch:

Buy a Guildbrook Farm tee or mug:
Get a Custom Pet Portrait done by Jaime at Guildbrook Art:
Donate towards some lumber for the house:

Adding Guardline Security To Our Off Grid Homestead:

OFF GRID Winter Water WOES (Part 1):

The $80 Chicken Tractor That Took 2 Months To Build!:

Hillbilly Engineering Our Off Grid Pressure Tank and Battery Shed:

Winter Storm SNOW LOAD! Our Trailer Roof is COLLAPSING!:

How We Built Our DIY Off Grid Solar System:


  1. Rick Bornemeier

    January 12, 2019 at 8:35 pm

    I’m wondering the total cost of your solar? How does one swing a cost that high? Please do not sell my Email
    Plus how do I get into these drawings? I watch all the u tube videos but can’t find it.
    Thanks Again
    Rick & Jae

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