We have been without running water for 4 days which means we need to improvise with bathing and laundry! We hauled water from our natural springs and we show you how we take a bucket bath and do bucket laundry with a little modern spin.

Heritage Hills is a small homestead that makes all natural goat milk soaps and lotions and seasonal salves. Please reach out and show your support by checking out their Facebook page and trying some of their wonderful homemade products. We recommend the Pink Sugar soap and lotion ;0) Currently all orders are by phone only.

Heritage Hills Soaps and Lotions:


  1. We lost our kitchen sink and washer drains ins the 4th when it was 7 degrees at 5am. We can’t find the frozen part of the pipe either. We had to re route water drain to part of our driveway.which is now a sheet of ice and very dangerous to walk on. Fortunately. The toilet and shower drain into septic and didn’t freeze. Can’t wait for thaw tomorrow. Also in alppalachia, just on TN side in Hawkins county. Woodruff Homestead.

  2. Thank you Jaime and Jeremy

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