March Planting and Permaculture

It’s March and our plants are overdue for transplanting! In addition, we upgraded our landscaping with some perennial berries and plants to convert it to edible landscaping. See what is working and what isn’t as we continue to learn to garden.

Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer
Foam Seed Trays
4’ T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights


  1. Have you heard of the mint method for moles? You make a mint slurry and pour it down there holes and they move away. I had a neighbor did this and it worked for her, but she’d do it every spring. I wouldn’t do it now, but in the past I have poured Pine-Sol down the holes and they hate it, they move out, but usually come back in the spring. Your whole yard smells like Pine-Sol, which I don’t like, but it worked for me. Now another neighbor swore by having her little boy pee in the holes, my girls weren’t willing to do that 🙂 and neither was my husband, we live in suburbia. Good luck! I’ve also tried road flares, but I didn’t like those at all.

    • Jaime

      April 24, 2017 at 7:55 am

      I haven’t heard of any of those. I may have to try some of them (well, the pee one might be hard to do lol)

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