Is Canning WORTH the EXPENSE?!

Is canning worth the expense? We take a look at the cost of canning versus storing food in a freezer. Does one method save you more money than another? What about time? See which one you prefer!

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  1. Have you tried oven canning? I just opened a jar of cereal that I oven canned 2 years ago and it was as fresh as the day that I canned it. Of course, oven canning is only good for dry items (no oil) like cereals, oatmeal, instant potatoes, bread crumbs, graham cracker crumbs, cornmeal, beans, rice, almonds, pecans, dried onions, dried veggies, dried herbs, etc.

  2. LOVE your blog and videos!

    Yes, absolutely the time and money spent on home pressure canning is absolutely worth it. The “dollars” part of the equation can go either way. I don’t argue either side. But the non monetary factors are what drive me to stock a deep pantry with my own goods.

  3. Great video…. you can get even cheaper by buying used jars from other people. One time, a man advertised jars. I showed up and ended up buying everything he had. Over 600 jars… $30..

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