Hillbilly Engineering Our Off Grid Pressure Tank and Battery Shed

The hillbilly engineer is back with this epic (or not so epic) fallout pig shelter cover thingy for the pressure tank and battery shed. Will it get us through winter?

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  1. Hello. I am age 72, and began bug-in prepping this year. I found your youtube channel, and enjoy following your progress. One subject that I have not seen on prepper websites, is the importance of having copies of All documents stored on cd, dvd or flash drives. Several years ago I scanned everything (including photo albums, receipts, etc.). Then I disposed of the originals (except birth certificate, passport, ss card etc.). This was a major task but got rid of boxes of stuff and well worth the time. I have a copy on my computer but also back-up on dvd and a flash drives. Most importantly, I also carry a copy with me, tucked away in my purse, so if something unforseen destroys my apartment, I have my documents. (Would be better if stored in a seperate safe location like a vehicle, but I do not have one, so I keep a copy with me, hidden in my purse.). I would enjoy hearing your thoughts about this type of prepping on one of your videos. Best to you. Grandma P.

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