Farm Fresh Chicken Egg Facts

Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs? What is that brown spot in my egg? Do fertilized eggs taste different? How can you tell if an egg is old or rotten?  The Guildbrook Farm girls answer some commonly asked questions about farm fresh chicken eggs.

Do you need to have a rooster to have eggs?
No you only need female hen to have eggs but if you want fertilized eggs then you would need a rooster.

All all eggs either white or brown?
No they aren’t. They come in many different colors. For instance, this one is from a black copper maran. This one is from a buff orpington. And this one is from an easter egger.

Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs?
No. Not necessarily. The color of the egg shell doesn’t matter. It all just depends on what they eat in their diet.

Do chickens lay in the same box each time?
Not necessarily. But for example, Maple our chicken, lays in the same box every time. But some of our other chickens won’t.

Do chickens only lay in the morning?
No. They can lay any time of day.

How long does it take for a chicken to lay an egg?
It can be 20 to 30 minutes up to an hour. For instance, Maple’s in there right now laying an egg. She has been in there for 15 minutes.

How many eggs does a chicken lay per week?
Our chickens up to 5-6 eggs per week and in the wintertime their production slows down.

Do eggs need to be refrigerated?
No they do not. Eggs have a protective coating on them called the Bloom. The Bloom protects the egg, unless if you wash it off. With the Bloom on the egg it can last on the counter top for up to 2 weeks.

How can you tell if an egg is old?
So first you have to fill up a glass jar with water. And then have your egg. And then if your egg is floating, that means it’s rotten. If it’s on it’s tip, that means it’s 2-3 weeks old. If it’s going a little bit off to the side, that means it’s one week old. And if it’s laying completely flat that means it’s fresh.

How to tell if an egg is fertilized…
So first of all you would need a rooster and a hen and they would need to be at an old enough age to mate. Once they’ve mated you can take the egg from the hen, crack it into a dish, and if it has a white bulls eye on it than that means it’s fertilized. If it only has a white dot, that means it’s not fertilized.

Does a fertilized egg taste different?
No. It tastes the same as an unfertilized egg.

Why is my yolk so orange?
Well this is an indication that the chicken is free ranging and has a very healthy diet.

Can fertilized eggs hatch on the counter top?
No. In order for the egg to develop they need to be at a 98 degree temperature and they need to have a “suspific” humidity.

Do colored eggs taste different?
No. All our chicken’s eggs taste the same because they are all on the same diet.

What is this dark spot on my egg?
It’s called a meat spot and it’s a defect from the egg and you can just think of it as a little bit of protein. It’s mostly found in dark brown eggs and it’s an indicator your eggs are fresh.

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