Earthquake: A Real SHTF Survival Story

On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake destroyed the small country of Nepal; killing over 9,000 people and injuring over 25,000. I was there. This is my untold story with never-before-seen earthquake footage that changed my perspective about how to live my life.

What Happened in this SHTF Scenario:
– Power Outages (electric and heat)
– Broken Septic Systems
– Unsafe Drinking Water
– No Cell Service
– No Public Transportation (including ambulances, police and firetrucks)
– Broken Roads (motorbikes only)
– No or Minimal Housing
– No Stores, Banks, ATMs, Gas Stations
– No or Limited Airports (including inbound relief)
– No or Limited Government Support or Aid
– Looting
– No Waste Disposal
– No Body Disposal or Cleanup (odor and illness)

Prepping Steps that Helped in this SHTF Situation:
– Food and Water Storage
– Generator for Low Voltage Lighting and Charging Devices
– Land Line Telephone
– Tents and Camping Supplies for Displacement
– Protection from Looters
– First Aid
– Method for Off-Grid Cooking and Boiling Water
– Cash
– Entertainment


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