Daily Backyard Chicken Care

I am going to go so far as to say that chickens just may be the easiest and most entertaining pets to care for.  Well, except for hermit crabs.  Remember when you could buy hermit crabs on a necklace at the beach?  Someone bored a hole in the shell and strung a thread through it and sold them as jewelry on the boardwalks in Jersey.  The little hermit crabs would just walk around your neck and you could feed them bits of papaya or coconut throughout the day as you walked the beach or rode the amusement rides.  Creepy as hell now that I think about it; but they sold like hot cakes and were definitely easy and entertaining to us kids at the time.

Thank goodness no one has thought of wearable chickens yet, although these days, who know what people will come up with if they think they can make a buck.  Maybe some form of chicken hat that offers breakfast-on-the-go or miniature pocket chickens that kids can carry to school and trade with their friends.  Then they will get some celebrity or YouTuber to promote it and next thing you know everyone will wearing chicken accessories. Chicken wearing websites will pop up everywhere; competing with smaller, more portable chickens that come in fashionable colors and offering custom rare breeds for the affluent who want to stand out from the rest of us commoners.

I don’t foresee wearing our chickens anytime soon, but they do offer us hours of entertainment for the 20 minutes or so it takes to care for them each day.  We filmed a “day in the life of caring for chickens” so you can see exactly what it takes to care for backyard chickens on a daily basis.

How long does it take to care for chickens each day?

1) Letting them out in the morning – less than 5 minutes
2) Cleaning out the coop – about 10 minutes
3) Giving treats – less than 5 minutes
4) Putting chickens to bed – less than 5 minutes
5) Loving on chickens – up to you!


  1. Hi Jaime!

    You asked someone on YouTube channel about non GMO feed for the chickens. Could you please write about ingredients of it?
    And is it all that you use to feed the layers?
    I found only information about the dried meal worms and the oyster shell
    in the videos.

    Thank you and all of your family for useful information about raising the chickens and sustainable living.

  2. Could you please post your chicken coop spray recipe? I watched your three cleaning products video but it was not in it either.

    Thanks ,. We are going to attempt chickens this year. The tractor is being built.

    • Jaime

      March 17, 2017 at 6:03 pm

      It is about 1 tbsp peppermint dr bronners soap, 20 drops lavender essential oil, 1 tbsp alcohol…then fill the rest up with water. Sometimes I will switch it up and use different oils such as tea tree, citronella or even thieves oil. I use it to keep flies away and to keep the coop smelling fresh.

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