Curing Bacon with Grass-fed Homestead


Is it really safe to cure bacon and hang it in your kitchen?  We turned to Dan at The Grass-fed Homestead, who has made meatsmithing and charcuterie his passion and he guided us through the process and answered all our questions.  Sometimes having someone walk you through the process is the best way to learn a new skill!


Watch Dan make Paleo (no sugar) Bacon:

Follow Dan at Grass-fed Homestead YouTube Channel:

Order Grass-Fed Lamb from Dan on his Website:

For those in NC, we got our pork bellies from Grateful Growers in Denver, NC:



  1. I watched your video on curing bacon. My daughter and have decided to do this as a science experiment which we will be able to eat when it’s done. At 46 I have decided that it’s time for us to learn lost skills which my grandparents had.

    I truly enjoy your channel. I am going to start canning myself.

  2. I have done this myself and like you said, there is no comparison to the stuff you buy in the store. I made some one time that actually had a sausagey(?)flavor to it that I thought was great. I’m more than happy to share the recipe if interested.

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