Basic HOME TOOLKIT for Beginners

Jeremy shows you how to assemble a basic home toolkit for starters.

Basic Tool Kit:

DeWalt Deep Tool Box:
Stanley Claw Hammer:
Craftsman Screwdriver Set:
Stanley 25ft. Tape Measure:
Stanley Torpedo Level:
Channellock Needle Nose Pliers:
Craftsman Adjustable Wrench Set:
DeWalt Cordless Driver Set:

or for a cheap all-in-one toolkit:

Stanley Homeowner Tool Set:

For more Workshop Videos:
For Tool Basics 101 Videos:


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  1. Another option to add is a lockable pliers (like a ViseGrip) which may also have wire cutting ability. They allow you to work up to a cut in something tough (like a nail) by increasing the pressure little by little. They can also serve as small clamps for positioning things or as a third hand when doing something in tight places. I have two sizes I keep around a 6″ and an 8-9″.

    Your sample toolbox also did not have any cutting tools. A good utility knife (which you had in the toolbox tray) is good to have (saves taking notches out of the good kitchen knives) and some various saws (whether they be electric or manual; being able to cut wood and metal as needed is sometimes essential to a project.)

    Another thing required is a decent marking tool. Whether it is a knife, a regular pencil, a shop pencil, chalk, wax crayon, marker. Which marker may change with the project you are doing, but you will have to measure something and mark where to cut it or position it.

    Tossing in a small bar of soap or wax will make fasteners easier to use. Something to draw straight lines may sometimes be needed (long straight-edge rule or chalkline come to mind.)

    Last but not least, some adhesive bandages (BandAids). Having them in the toolkit will save time and potentially other things IF somehow an injury occurs. (You can make do with duct tape and a clean tissue or paper towel, but not always a good idea to do.)

    Just some other thoughts of things to have available.

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