Around the Farm: No. 6

Around the Farm:  Off Grid Chicken Incubator

Off Grid Chicken Incubator


  1. Is it real, you are seeding outside in …..January….and you live in NOOOORTH Carolina ! Where is the snow ?
    You should see what my homestead looks like in January in the true North.

    It is the same place as in the video 3, but in January . The no.1 sign in the photo is 5 feet tall.

    Homesteading where you are looks like paradise.
    Although I acknowledge that you are a very courageous person with a powerful message and the ability to encourage people to become conscious about their life and environment. And regaining some freedom from exploitation.

    Your approach and communication skills helps us to do the same wherever we are.

    What will you come up with next !!!

    • Jaime

      February 12, 2017 at 11:03 am

      Thanks Denis. It is certainly nice in January, but come July and August when temps are over 100 with 80% humidity and a swarm of bugs, it isn’t as nice. Each place has it’s ups and downs. Personally, I could use with a little cooler weather ;0) Beautiful place you have there, even with all the snow.

      • Hello,
        Your positive outlook and enviable mediating ability stand out again.

        If you like the cold, there is a lot of (frozen now) homestead land available up here in the Great White North. Your peas will go in the ground early May only. Yours, I suppose, will already have been eaten. Or canned.

        You may want to know that we do have a short summer, very humid hot days with lots of voracious mosquitoes and carnivorous black flies. The nights can be very cool.

        Do you know the topic of your next video ?


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