Guildbrook Farm was established after 40 years of life-changing events. Not the kind of events that make you question choice in clothing; although that happened as well and thank goodness it did or we would still be wearing studded jackets and 80’s parachute pants. But rather the kind that made us realize that happiness doesn’t lie in a 5,000 square foot house when one has to work 60 hours per week to pay for it. Events that made us question the motives of a government who approves GMOs, toxic medical treatments, and poisoned water supplies. Events that made us realize that security is nothing more than an illusion that can be wiped out with one cataclysmic event. We realized we were voluntary victims of a society methodically and blindly moving through life. We wanted change and it had to begin with us. Join us as we rediscover how to live a simple, healthy, debt-free lifestyle that affords us the freedom to pursue our dreams.


About Jaime

Jaime is the author of the Guildbrook Farm blog. Born in an isolated and mountainous region of Pennsylvania, Jaime was raised to hunt, fish, and gather wild foods. After years of living off of venison and blueberries, Jaime became vegetarian and moved from the region to attend college; vowing never to return to that backwards lifestyle.

After living nomadically throughout the eastern United States, traveling to places as far as Tasmania and Nepal, climbing the corporate ladder, and managing to survive several life-threatening events; Jaime has reverted back to her roots and is attempting to reclaim a version of the simple lifestyle she was born into.

Join her, her husband and her children as she attempts to relearn lost skills and formulates her own philosophy behind the simple lifestyle she is now living.