A Buddhist Story About LUCK

A Buddhist story about luck. Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky…or maybe luck has nothing to do with anything?

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  1. Hi Jaime and Jeremy . Just wanting to leave a quick message. I’ve been going to leave a tip, although I realize you guys do extensive research on everything before you jump into a project, but thought maybe this would be a video you could do to make people realize the dangers of pressure treated wood like especially that of CCA ,when putting it into a garden area. I’ve heard the CCA could leech into the soil . It’s about using reclaimed wood like pallets. If they are one time use, otherwise known as ” throwaway ” pallets they are probably safe to use as long as they don’t have any dangerous chemical spills on them. I think the website was “1001 uses for pallets, are they safe to use “. It tells about the stamping on the pallets from where they originated from, what they have been treated with, like BM, ect. Like I said you guys have probably checked out all this info especially using treated wood like pressure treated CCA wood around a garden area for it can leech into your garden ground I have heard. We can’t be too careful with all the dangerous chemicals that big Brother and the rest of the world have thrown at us in my opinion….safe gardening ..your family is depending on you! Catch you guys on the next video.

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